Google Analytics

Analyze visitor traffic and get a better picture of your reader's needs with Google Analytics. 

The instructions for creating a google analytics account are correct per the time of publishing this tutorial. You may need to refer to Google support documentation and tutorials for clarification if their processes have changed. 

Note: Google has recently made a change and by default is using Google Analytics 4 instead of Universal Analytics. There is still an option to create only a Universal Analytics ID which we recommend at this time.

Please see Step 5 if you already have a Google Analytics account established, this step refers to configuring your Web Express site.


Establish Your G Suite Account

CU Boulder uses Google Suite which allows staff, faculty and students to use their and IdentiKey password at or any core G Suite login page (such as Google Analytics).

Although Google asks for your “Email”, the system cannot support the use of your email address as a username. Instead, you must use your Identikey CULoginName(e.g. to log into the service. Once you are in the system you can use your preferred email address (usually to share resources.


Log into Google Analytics

Once you have logged in with your account, you can either create a new analytics account or link it to an existing analytics account

Note: If you need to reclaim access to your Google Analytics account, please follow the steps in Google's help documentation.


Enter Your Information

Next you'll get to a page with options for setting up your new account:

  • What would you like to track? A website
  • Tracking method: universal
  • Account name: your department name
  • Website name: your website name
  • Website URL: your website URL (
  • Industry Category: your choice
  • Data sharing: your choice

Note: You can use your hashed URL (the one that looks like or you can wait till you get your real URL. They both point to the same website. 


Get Tracking ID

After submitting the options, click Get Tracking ID. Agree to the Terms of Service. You’ll be taken to a new page that shows your Google Analytics UA number. The number will look something like this: UA-12345678-1.


Configure your Web Express Site

  1. Log into your Web Express site.
  2. In the Express menu, select Settings
  3. Click the Google Analytics link.
  4. Enter your Google Analytics Account ID/UA number.
  5. Click Save Configuration.

Note: Site Owners or Site Editors with the Configuration Manager Add-on role have permission to manage the Google Analytics on a site.