Add Content

Content is king! It probably doesn’t take much convincing to tell you that your content is the most valuable asset of your website. Whether you offer information, services, or programs, your content is the reason you have a website at all. People visit your website because they are looking for something and it should be your main goal to help them find it.

Find out what your audience wants to know, and make sure that information is prominent, both within the website navigation and within the page content itself. Ninety percent of website pages are created using the Basic Page content type. It is the most versatile content type.

Start with a structure. 

A good structure not only serves as a golden thread for your content, it also gives you the chance to outline your message and come up with a concise delivery plan. People rarely read web pages word by word. Instead, they scan pages, picking out individual words and sentences. They do this because they are task-focused and need to ensure the page will have their answer before they commit to reading it.