Adjusting Text Size

Web Express offers a few ways you may adjust the size of your text:

  1. Text Styles in the WYSIWYG Editor.
  2. Heading Styles and Block Typography in Block Designer.

Text Styles in the WYSIWYG Editor

In the WYSIWYG editor, you may adjust text size by selecting the text in the body, and choosing an option from the Styles menu.  You should structure your content for accessibility first, then apply text styles. Always format Headings with heading formatting and not text styles. 

Text Styles

Note: The Small text style has a specific use case in HTML code and should only be used to represent side comments such as footnotes, disclaimers, captions and caveats.

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Block Designer

You have options to change the size of the block title and the size of the text within a block using Block Designer.

  1. Click on the gear icon. Look for the gear icon by hovering your mouse over the top right corner of a block.
  2. Select Block Designer. This will open up the block designer tool for the block. You may apply custom settings to adjust a block's Heading Styles and Block Typography.

Heading Style

To change the size of the block title, select the correct Headings setting for your content. Then you may adjust the Heading Style to increase the text size as needed. Headings are used to designate content hierarchy and page structure to ensure the content is correctly formatted for accessibility.

Block Designer Heading styles

Block Typography

Use the Block Typography settings to increase or decrease the block title, the block contents, or both.

Block typography