Locked Content

Web Express content may only be edited by one user at a time. The locked content feature acts as a safeguard on sites with multiple site maintainers to help ensure a user is not able to edit a page that another user is already editing. 


Concurrent Editing Content Lock

When you edit a page, you will see a notice that the document is now locked against simultaneous editing. The document will unlock when you click either Save, Cancel or Delete. If you navigate elsewhere without clicking either Save, Cancel or Delete the document will remained locked by you.

  1. A notification of the document that you have locked will appear at the top of the page.
  2. You may release the lock on the document to allow other to edit by clicking release the lock.

Locked page message


View/Release Locked Content by Another User

When a user is editing a page, any other user that attempts to edit the same page will be blocked from doing so, and notified that the content is already being edited. The user will also be given the option to check the document back in so they may edit the document.

  1. Check the date the document has been locked. If it is the current day, chances are the user is working on the document. If the date on the lock is is not the current date it is safe for you to check the document back in and edit.

    Note: All users are logged out of sites daily.

    Locked document by other users message

  2. Click the here link in the notification to check the document back in.

    Click here to check back in
  3. You will then see a notification that you should lock the document. Click the lock the page link to lock the document.

    Click lock the page

Manage Locked Documents

The content administration page has a Locked Documents tab. To view all the locked documents and/or release multiple locked documents, navigate to this page of your site.

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Content
  2. Click the Locked documents tab.
  3. Click release lock next to the documents you wish to unlock.

Click release lock