Add Bundles

Site Owners and Site Editors with the Configuration Manager Add-on role may enable additional bundles based on your needs. Bundles add functionality to your site but also add complexity. Bundles cannot be disabled once enabled.

We provide many opportunities to learn about a particular bundle set before enabling it including: 

Training Options

For hands-on training, you can sign up for one of our Bundle training classes.

Demo:  Demo site for Add-on Bundles features.

Video Tutorial


Add Bundles

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Settings.
  2. Select Enable Bundles.

Enable bundles


View Enabled Bundles

  1. Bundles that have already been enabled will display on the Enabled tab

View Enabled Bundles


    Enable Available Bundles

    Add-on bundles may be added at any time by site owners or site editors with configuration manager permissions. 

    1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Settings.
    2. Select Enable Bundles.
    3. Click the Available tab.
    4. Click the Enable button next to the bundle you would like to add.

    Note: The enabling process will logout all users except yourself. So be sure to consider other users working on your site as their work in progress will be lost if they don’t save it before you enable the bundle.   

    1. On the next screen click Confirm.
    2. Enabling a bundle may take up to 5 minutes and you can only enable one Bundle at a time. Please wait until the confirmation screen appears before using the new functionality. 
    3. Once the confirmation screen appears, you may continue to edit your site. 

    Request Add-on Bundles

    Request Add-on Bundles offer additional functionality and tools and require approval before the bundles are added to your site. Some of these bundles integrate with other campus services that will be required in order to use the feature. Request Add-on Bundles have a lock icon next to them.