Work in HTML

If you are comfortable with HTML, you are welcome to use it in the content area.

Tip: To see more information about allowed HTML tags and allowed style properties, click "More information about text formats" at the bottom right under the WYSIWYG editor.

HTML editor and Compose Tips


Click Disable Rich-Text

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Body content area. 
  2. Click the small link that says Disable rich-text. This enables you to access the HTML code.
  3. Edit the HTML as desired.

Disable rich-text


Review Content and Save

  1. When you're done editing the HTML, click Enable rich-text to see how your content looks. 
  2. Review and click Save.

Enable rich-text

Note: Some tags and attributes are stripped out on save. This means that the content might look different after you save it. Not all tags and attributes are allowed in the content area. Some, such as the iframe and script, are security hazards. Others, such as font and style allow the site-builder to violate visual guidelines and branding standards.

Compose tips