Link to Other Pages & Content

Link button

Web Express provides an easy way to link to other pages and content (including uploaded PDFs and Word docs) on your site from the WYSIWYG editor.


Select Text in WYSIWYG Editor

  1. In the Body content area, highlight the text that you want to make a link.
  2. Click the Link icon in the toolbar.

Click the Link button in the toolbar


Link to Content on Your Site

  1. Select Internal path from the Link Type drop-down.Select Internal path
  2. Search for the title of the content you want to link to by typing in the Link field. Once you start typing, the form will autocomplete and provide suggested content for you.
  3. Select the content in the Link field that you want to link to.Select content
  4. Click OK.

Note: If you've linked to an uploaded file, you may want to add a small icon next to the link indicating the type of file that the user will access. See tutorial Upload Files for instructions on how to do so.


Link to External Content

  1. Select URL from the Link Type dropdown.Select URL
  2. Paste the URL path into the URL field.Paste in the URL path in the URL field
  3. Click OK.

Related: See the Link Text article for more information on writing accessible links.


Link to Anchor in the Text

  1. First create the anchor on the page by placing your cursor in the Body content area where you would like to link to.

    Tip: Place anchors on the line above headings. If links are placed inline with headings, they can look like a link which is confusing to visitors.

  2. Click the Anchor link icon (the flag) in the WYSIWG editor.First create the anchor on the page that you wish to link text to.
  3. Name the link.
  4. Click OK.

Name the link

Link Text to an Anchor Link:

  1. Highlight the text you want to link.
  2. Press the Link icon in the toolbar.
  3. Select Link to anchor in the text from the Link Type dropdown.
  4. Select an anchor from either the By Anchor Name dropdown or By Element ID drop-down.
  5. Click OK.

Select an anchor from either the 'By Anchor Name' dropdown or 'By Element ID' dropdown

Related: See the Anchor/Jump Links tutorial to quickly create anchor links on a page.


Link to Email

  1. Highlight the text you want to link.
  2. Press the Link icon in the toolbar.
  3. Select E-mail from the Link Type drop-down.
  4. Paste or type in the E-Mail Address.
  5. Configure the Message Subject and/or the Message Body (optional).
  6. Click OK.

Select 'email' from the link type dropdown