How to Select a Theme

Design themes

It is quick and easy to set a new theme so feel free to experiment with the theme options until you find one that works best with your content. Theme changes are live on sites as soon as you set them to active. Switching between themes will not change the page content, block layouts or block designer themes but it will change some of the Configures you have set. See Configure Theme Settings for how to change the banner color and set the layout to wide or boxed. Site owners and site editors with the configuration manager add-on role may change the site theme.


View Available Themes

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Design.

Choose a Theme

You will see a list of different themes to select from.

  1. Click the Set Active button under the Theme name and image.
  2. You will see a green confirmation message that Active theme has been set and the theme you chose will now be first in the list of themes.

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