Configure Theme Settings

All of the Web Express themes include customizable options that site owners and site editors with the configuration manager add-on role may choose to customize. 


Navigate to Theme Configuration Page

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Design.
  2. Click the Configure button next to the theme you want to configure. The active theme is always first with the active button selected.

Click Configure theme


Configure Theme Settings

At the bottom of the theme configuration page there are expandable sections with options for configuring themes. These options are available on all themes:

  1. Branding: Choose a color for the brand bar.
  2. Responsive/Mobile Friendly: enable responsive design for your site; set primary sidebar location for tablets.
  3. Typography: choose heading style – bold or light.
  4. Page Title Image: set page title to have a solid or a transparent background over the title image.
  5. Column Options: select the number of columns in the After Content region, the After Content 2 region, and the Footer region.
  6. Breadcrumbs: enable or disable the breadcrumb trail.
  7. Secondary Menu: place secondary menu as buttons on main nav bar; choose color of buttons.
  8. Footer Menu: choose color – gray or gold

These options are available on some themes:

  • Page Title Image: set title image to wide (stretches across browser width) or boxed (centered on page).
  • Banner Color: choose black or white.
  • Layout: wide (stretches across browser width) or boxed (centered on page – use this if you're going to have a sitewide background image).

Theme settings


Save Theme Configurations

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click the Save configuration.

Save configuration

Note: Saving the theme configuration saves it for only the theme that you are currently configuring. Should you decide to change to a different theme, you may need to configure that theme's options as well.