List Structure

Lists are great from an accessibility standpoint because they provide structured order to content in a linear fashion. Lists are recommended as potential replacements for simple tables, as tables can be more difficult to navigate and sometimes information in tables would be better suited to lists.

When you are editing page content, you'll find two list creation icons in the WYSIWYG editor for an unordered list and ordered list. You need to use the icons in the editor to create your lists because this will apply the appropriate HTML Mark-up for the list content. You should never provide a list that is only accessible visually by manually typing numbered lists or using indentation to provide a visual list – use the proper structure instead.

Use Lists Correctly

Use different types of lists to group information to provide orientation for users.

  • Unordered lists are used when the order of the items is not relevant. List items in unordered lists are marked with a bullet.
    • You may choose a list style by selecting an option in the style drop-down in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Ordered lists are used for sequential information and are automatically enumerated by the browser.

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