Image Alternative Text

Images should have meaningful alternative text.  The purpose of alt text is to provide an alternative description for an image. Every image needs to have an alternative text description so if somebody with visual disabilities (somebody who is blind) visits your site with the use of a screen reader or translator then that person can understand the meaning behind the photo that she (or he) cannot visually see.

The alternative text serves several functions:

  • Screen readers read the alternate text in place of images allowing the content and purpose of the image to be accessible to those with visual disabilities.
  • Web browsers display the alternate text of the image if the image file is not loaded or if the user has chosen to not view images.
  • Search engines use the alternate text to provide a semantic meaning and description which can be used to determine the content of the image.

Training Options

For hands-on training, you can sign up for one of our Web Express Core sessions we cover all the basic accessibility topics as users learn the basics of Web Express.