FAQ Page

FAQ page

Frequently Asked Questions pages are an easy way to get a lot of accordions/expandable content onto a page. This is a content type which has the open/shut functionality built right in. The Questions and Answers can be grouped into sections, each with an optional section header. 

Note: If you aren't planning on creating a full page of FAQs, you are better off using the Expandable Content Shortcode.

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Add FAQ Page

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Add Content. 
  2. Select Frequently Asked Questions from the list of options.

Enter Title and Body Text

  1. Enter the Title.
  2. Body text is optional. 

FAQ fields


Enter Section Header (Optional)

The Q&A sets can be grouped into sections if desired. Enter a section header if you will be grouping your Q&As.

  1. To add a section header, in the FAQ Collection section enter a Title.
  2. When you've entered all the Q&As for one section (see next step) click Add another item to create another FAQ Collection section.
  3. Enter a Title (section header) in the new FAQ Collection that has been created.

Section header, title


Enter Question / Answer Sets

  1. Enter a Question.
  2. Click the Answer tab to display the answer field. 
  3. Enter an Answer.

    Note: Questions are limited to 255 characters; answers can be as long as you like.

  4. Click Add another item for another Q&A set.

Enter Question / Answer sets


Place FAQ Page in Menu Structure

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page. 
  2. Under Menu Settings, choose the parent page from the Parent item drop-down list
  3. Click Save.
  4. Use Save and add another to save time during repetitive content creation. This will save your page and open a new FAQ page.