FAQ Page vs. Expandable Block vs. Expandable Shortcode

Expandable content allows visitors to expand content that is relevant to them. There are several ways to create accordion or expandable content in Web Express. Each option lends itself to a specific use case.


FAQ Page

  1. Frequently Asked Questions pages have a page title and body field just like a basic page.
  2. The page can be added to your site navigation. 
  3. The Questions and Answers can be grouped into sections, each with an optional section header. 

Expandable Block

  1. The Expandable block feature is part of the Advanced Content Bundle and you will need to enable this bundle in order to use this feature.
  2. Use an Expandable block when you want to place expandable content in a layout region. 
  3. Use when you need horizontal tabbing.

Expandable Content Shortcode

  1. Use the Expandable Content Shortcode to easily add accordion features to the content area of your pages.