Expandable Content Shortcode

Expandable content

Expandable content is a great way to streamline your content and shorten your page. This feature allows you to insert accordion style or expandable content anywhere within the body content.

Demo: Expandable Content Shortcode

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Tip: You will find a list of shortcodes by clicking "More information about text formats" at the bottom right under the WYSIWYG editor.


Insert Expandable Content Shortcode

  1. Place your cursor in the Body content area where you want the expandable content to appear.
  2. Click on the Expand Content Shortcode Generator (Plus icon) in the WYSIWYG content editor.

Expand Content Shortcode Generator button

  1. Add a Title and Expand Content Text.
  2. Choose the Expand Content Style.
    1. Regular
    2. Small
    3. Tooltip
  3. Click OK.

Expand Content Shortcode Generator

  1. Once the content has been placed, you can use the WYSIWYG tools to format the content within the Expand Content Text area and include photos, bold, italics, etc.
  2. You can add as many Expandable Content elements to your page as needed.

    Note: Expandable Content elements may only be nested once within other Expandable Content elements. If you nest beyond 2 layers, you will have errors on the page.


Add Heading Tag to Expandable Content Shortcode Title

You may add a heading level to an expandable shortcode title to ensure proper page structure for your content.

  1. Insert the expandable content shortcode in the body of your content.
  2. Edit the beginning tag for the shortcode to include the heading level. (heading="h2")
    1. Use this template [expand title="Water quality" style="regular" heading="h3"]