Secondary Menu

Secondary menu

Secondary Links are a series of small links that appear above and to the right of the main navigation bar or nested within the main navigation bar. Use the secondary menu as landing pages for your different audiences, or configure them as buttons that go off-site.


Populate the Secondary Menu

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Structure.
  2. Select Menus from the list of options.
  3. Click on Edit by Secondary Menu.
  4. Enter link text in New menu item field.
  5. Select type of link from Target drop-down
    1. If URL: on the next screen enter the URL in the Path field. Click Save.
    2. If New Content Type: you'll enter your content on the next screen. Click Save.
    3. If Existing content: you'll be shown a list of all the pages currently on the site. Select one.
  6. Click Save Configuration.

Continue populating your Secondary Menu in this way.


Place your Secondary Menu On the Site

You've created a menu, now tell the system to use it.

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Structure.
  2. Select Menus
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Choose Secondary Menu as your Source for the Secondary links.
  5. Click Save configuration.

Add Secondary Menu label

Add a text label in front of the Secondary Menu links such as "More Information" or "Related Sites" to custom define the secondary links.

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Structure.
  2. Select Menus.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Add label text in the Secondary Menu Label field.
  5. Click Save configuration.

Adjust the Appearance of the Secondary Menu

By default the Secondary Menu links appear as small links above the main navigation bar. You may make the links appear as buttons within the main navigation bar and further configure the link color.

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Design.
  2. Click Configure next to your active theme.
  3. Scroll down to the Secondary Menu section. Click to expand.
  4. Set options:
    1. Check the box next to Place secondary menu inline with main menu.
    2. Choose button color from the Color drop-down.
  5. Click Save configuration.