Video Hero Unit Block Bundle Overview

The Video Hero Unit provides a looping video background for added visual representation of your departments message. You can use a video to show clips of the life of your program or even the process of helping a customer.

However, there is a time and place for video and it should not be used just because it can. This feature should be used where it can be effective to help amplify your message, to show rather than tell the story of your department. It’s most effective when you use it to 1) create a vibe, 2) to set a tone or 3) to induce an emotional reaction.

We recommend site editors first review the goals of your website and key messages for the department before implementing Design tools like video backgrounds are meant to help improve the ability to experience your message. If it doesn’t help in communicating to your audience, don’t feel pressured to use it. 


  • Don’t use a video background because it seems cool or modern
  • Do use a video when it helps to enhance your message

Type: Request Bundle

Note: you must request the Video Hero Unit Block bundle to use this feature.

Use Cases

When used well a video hero can be very effective in helping to tell your story. Some best use cases for video backgrounds include:

  • Business or service: You can use a video to show what ‘customers’ or users of your service will experience and gain. It can paint a vivid representation of the service they can expect. It can visually show the essence or tone of your department.
  • Experiences: A video background can help to create a sense of excitement or vibe. It is a way to provide an experience of what it is like being part of your department or community.
  • Physical Locations: In some cases a physical location video works well. This can be a way to show off physical aspects of your service or department, such as facilities and tools associated with your department or  labs and active research locations or maybe the surrounding location of Boulder and Colorado.

Don’t pick just any video because it looks good. The video you pick has to be relevant to the overall purpose of your website or your business.

While a video background is very effective in grabbing attention, this can backfire if you need your audience to focus on specific content on your website. A video could can overpower other pieces of content that you want your visitors to focus on.

A video backgrounds is generally not a good idea if you have a complex service that needs explanation. In these situations, the video background might distract your visitor from focusing on specific, important points.

The video hero is a tool to help showcase your message. If this tool doesn’t fit your website or business goals -- when in doubt, leave it out!

The process for requesting

The Video Hero is a requested bundle that requires a consultation with a Web Express team member to determine if this is a good fit for you needs and purposes. We will need to evaluate any potential video that a department would like to use. There are many factors that come into play during our evaluation, such as:

  • The type of movement and transitions of the video. In particular we look for any potentially jarring or flickering that has accessibility implications.
  • The length of the video
  • The file size and proper compression to make sure it doesn’t impact performance.
  • Your plan for implementation

Ultimately our goal is to make sure you are adding something that will help to enhance your website and your goals and not impede users or impact performance of your website.

Example of how this works: