Search Embeds

Use the search filters on the Embed Overview page to easily find your embed content. You may then edit the embed or manage the embed.

Note: you must enable the Digital Campaign bundle first to use this feature.


Locate Embeds

  1. In the Express menu, select the Content link.
  2. Click the Embeds tab.


Search Embeds

  1. Use the filter options to search for an embed.
    • Embed Name: Search for embed entity by name.
    • Embed Path: Search for embed entity by path alias.
    • Embed Render: Search for embed entity by renderer.
      • any
      • page top bottom
    • Embed Type: Search for embed entity by type.
      • Et Linkedin
      • Facebook
      • Doubleclick
      • Twitter
      • Slate
    • Embed Status: Search for embed entity by status.
      • Unpublished
      • Published
  2. Click Search

Note: The list of embeds below the search filters will display the search results.


Edit an Embed

  1. Click Edit next to the embed you wish to modify.
  2. Edit as needed.
  3. Click Save.