Close a Form

Some forms are seasonal forms. When you only need to collect data while a workshop is building participant registration or you have semester programs, you may close the form temporarily to prevent any further submissions or spam. Then reopen the form when needed. These are the steps to follow when you wish to close a form.

Note: you must enable the Forms bundle to use this feature.


Edit Form Settings

  1. Navigate to the webform you would like to edit.
    1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Content
    2. Click the Webforms tab.
    3. Click Edit under Operations in the row of the webform you'd like to edit.
  2. Click the Edit Webform tab.
  3. Select the Form settings tab.

Configure Form Settings

You can disable the form to prevent user submissions and still have the form online. You can re-enable the form to receive submissions at any time.

  1. Scroll down to the Status of this form section.
  2. Select Closed. 
  3. Click Save configuration.

Tip: Reverse this process to open the form.