Add a Mega Menu

Mega Menus (Multi Column Menu navigation) is a navigation menu which contain many customizable elements such as text, images, and video. The mega menu offers a broad range of possibilities and is very easy to configure. Mega Menus can accommodate much greater number of navigation links, as well as more complex menu structures.

Note: Request the Mega Menu Block bundle before you start the tutorial. Since the Mega Menu bundle is part of the Request bundles group, when you request this bundle, our team will work with you to ensure your site will be optimized by the features of the bundle.


Create a Mega Menu

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Structure.
  2. Click Administer Mega Menus.
  3. Click Add a Mega Menu.

Note: You will need to create separate Mega Menus for each main menu item you would like to add a Mega Menu to.


Configure a Mega Menu

The Mega Menu has the following fields:

  1. Label: a name that displays in the admin interface to identify the menu.
  2. Heading: appears as the heading for the Mega Menu and is linked to the page the menu is attached. 
  3. Text Above: this content will display in the first left hand column of the menu. You may add text, images or video.
  4. Links: add menu link sections in columns.
    1. Label: link section heading.
    2. Link Title and URL: enter the link text and URL,  site content search option available.
    3. Description: text displays below the menu link item.
    4. Add another item: add another menu link item.
  5. Add another item: add additional link columns.
  6. Text Below: this content will display below the columns of the menu.

Add Mega Menu to Main Menu Item

Once you have created a mega menu, you will need to associate it with a top navigation menu.

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Structure.
  2. Click Main Menu.
  3. On the far right (under the Operations column) click the drop-down arrow by edit content and select configure item.
  4. Expand the Mega Menu section and check the box Enable mega menu on this menu item.
  5. Choose a Mega Menu to associate with this link from the drop down list.
  6. Click Save.

Note: The Mega Menu option does not appear for subnavigation/ child pages. Only top-level pages may have a Mega Menu attached.