Manage Redirects

The ability to create and maintain redirects on a website is a feature in Web Express. Redirects can be useful if you have:

  • changed the URL of a web page or site
  • deleted content
  • moved or merged content.

By redirecting the old URL to the new URL, you will prevent links from breaking if they haven't been updated.


View all Site Redirects

To get an overview of all the redirects on a site or add, edit and/or delete a redirect. Navigate to the Redirect admin page.

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Settings.
  2. Select Redirects from the list of options.

Editing a URL redirect

If you would like to access a page being redirected, you may disable a redirect temporarily, then enable it again.

  1. Click on Edit next to the redirect you would like to change.
  2. If the Enabled box is checked, this redirect will be enabled. Disable the redirect by unchecking this box.

Deleting a URL redirect

Delete a redirect that has a low count and/ or was last accessed several months ago.

  1. Click on Delete next to the redirect you would like to remove. Note this action cannot be undone.

Note: The Delete redirects tab will delete redirects that have never been accessed. Continue to delete all redirects not accessed via this option.


Wildcard Redirects

A wildcard redirect allows you to create a  redirect based on any page that matches a pattern, regardless of the URL of a specific page. This is especially handy for redirecting whole directories or sections of an old site to a new site.

Note: The Web Express team can add these types of redirects for you if needed. Please request assistance.


Fixing redirect loops

If you don't manage your content carefully, you might accidentally create an endless redirect loop. Your users will then see an error message instead of the page. A redirect loop is created when  link A redirects to link B which then redirects back to link A. This can happen in error, or when a page URL is changed and then changed back to its original URL.

While Web Express automatically creates a redirect each time you change a page title, it won't automatically remove these redirects if you decide to change the page name back. This results in the original URL being redirected to a new URL, and then the new URL being redirected back to the original URL.

If you are editing an existing redirect, Web Express will warn you if the change will create a redirect loop.

  1. Locate the two redirects in the list. (highlighted in yellow)
  2. Locate the redirect that matches the page's current URL. It will usually have a high count number.
  3. Delete the redirect.