Expandable Block

The Expandable block is an excellent content management tool that formats content as tabs or accordions. Use the block to organize and present a lot of information in one place. Visitors can easily scan the tabs to find the information they are looking for. Expandable blocks may contain their own unique content or content from another block.

Note: you must enable the Advanced Content bundle to use this block.

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Demo: Expandable Block


Create an Expandable Block

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Blocks
  2. Click on Add Block at the top of the page.
  3. Select Expandable from the list of options.

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Add Expandable Block Content

  1. Label: a name used to uniquely identify the block. 
  2. Title (optional): this displays above the Expandable block when placed on a page. 
  3. Display Options: (tabs are automatically displayed as an accordion on mobile devices)
    1. Accordion: vertically stacked list of headers that can be clicked to reveal or hide content associated with them.
    2. Tabs - Horizontal: tabs displayed horizontally on the page.
    3. Tabs - Vertical: tabs displayed vertically on the page.
    4. Select: a prompt that triggers the expand and collapse function and produces a drop-down of items.
      1. Select Prompt field: this field will display the content queue that is visible on the page. Visitors may click the text which produces the drop-down item choices.
  4. Open first section: this option is selected by default. Open first section means that the first section won't require users to click on it to expand it – it will already be expanded. Uncheck the box to have the first section collapsed with the rest of the sections.
  5. Configure the Expandable block



The Expandable block is made up of sections of content. You may add your content using  the content tab or the block tab. Each section has the following tabs:

  1. Label: a title is required.
  2. Content: enter the body content for each section. you have the WYSIWYG content editor for your body content, which means you have many options for formatting your text including the use of Shortcodes (embedding video, using icons, creating buttons, etc.).
  3. Block: create a new block or add an existing block.
    1. Hide block title: is selected by default, uncheck the box to display the block title.
  4. Add more sections by clicking Add another item.
  5. Click Save.

Place Expandable Block

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