Include External Articles in News Feed

You can include articles from external sources within your news feed. When a user clicks on that article they will be taken away from your site to the external article's URL.

Note: you must enable the News and Articles bundle to use this feature.

Demo: Article


Add Article

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Add Content.
  2. Select Article from the list of options.


Enter Article Content

The body section of the article does not display if you use an external link but you will need to add content such as the title, tags, thumbnail (optional), and a summary.  This content is displayed on your site.

Related: Review the Article tutorial for more information on creating Article content.


Add URL of External News Item

Click the External Link tab and add the URL of the website the article lives on. When users click on the article link in your site, they will be taken to this URL.


Save Article

  1. Click Save to save the article.
  2. Use Save and add another to save time during repetitive content creation. This will save your article and open a new Article content type. 

Testing the Article External Link

It is always good to confirm your article's external link is working. You will need to log out of your site to test the link.