Articles by Person Block

The Articles by Person block aggregates articles authored by a Person if that person has been added to the byline of any article. An Article by Person block can be added in two ways:

  • To all person pages via context.
  • To individual person pages using a block wrapper

Note: Person content types and articles with linked bylines must already have been created before you may place this block.


Create an Author Context

In the Shortcuts menu, click on 'Context'

  1. Click 'Add' to create a new context.
  2. Give the context with a unique name.
  3. Optional: Provide tag and description


Set the Context Condition

In the Conditions Sections, add the 'node type' condition.

Check the box next to 'Person'.


Set the Context Reaction

In the Context Reactions section, choose 'Blocks'.

Expand the CU Articles blocks section and check the 'Article by Person' block and add it to the region you would like the block to appear.



Click 'Save'.