Block Wrapper Block

Most blocks in Web Express are created by the user. However, there are some blocks that are created automatically by Web Express and these blocks cannot be directly referenced in Layouts, Block Rows, or Block Sections.

Examples of these blocks are:

  1. Menu Blocks (there is a block for each menu in the site)
  2. Webform Blocks (Forms Bundle)
  3. Articles by Person (News and Article Bundle)
  4. Related Articles (News and Article Bundle)
  5. Current Issue (Publications Bundle)
  6. Latest Issues (Publications Bundle)
  7. Large CU Search block

To add these blocks to a layout, Block Row, or Block Section, a Block Wrapper must be created.

Note: you must enable the Advanced Layout bundle to use this block.


Click on the Edit Layout Tab

  1. Click on the 'Edit Layout' tab right below the title next to Edit

    'Edit Layout' tab right below the title next to Edit.
  2. Or if you are already editing the page, click the 'Edit Layout' tab

    Edit Layout tab

Decide where to place the block

At the top of the 'Edit Layouts' screen there is a diagram showing the regions accessible from this method. Once you've decided which region to use, scroll down and find the Layout Region to which you want to add a block.

More about Layout Regions


Add a Block Wrapper Block

Choose Block Wrapper block from the Add new block select menu.

Choose Block Wrapper block from the select menu

Configure the fields in the block

  1. Label: is a name used to uniquely identify the block.
  2. Block: Click the drop-down arrow to select a block.

Click the Create block button

Configure the fields in the block

Note: Some system created blocks need to be placed on associated content types to be displayed. For example if you use a Block Wrapper block to place a Articles by Person block on a basic page the block will not display. The Articles by Person block must be placed on a person page to display content.