Video Tutorial

Build a newsletter on your site by creating new content in the newsletter, from using article content on your site (published or unpublished) or by linking to content on an external URL such as  CU Boulder Today


  • In order to create newsletter content from articles, the articles need to be created first and either be published content or new unpublished content that may be published simultaneously when the newsletter is published.
  • You must set the Newsletter Type before you build your first Newsletter.
  • An eComm Salesforce account is required for the Newsletter Bundle. Request the Newsletter bundle before you start the tutorial. Since the Newsletter bundle is part of the Request bundles group, when you request this bundle, our team will confirm your eComm account before the bundle is enabled on your site.

Demo: Newsletter


Create Newsletter

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Add Content
  2. Select Newsletter from the list of options.

Configure Newsletter

  1. Newsletter Title: enter the title of the newsletter.
  2. Newsletter Type/Name: select the newsletter type/name from the drop-down.
  3. Intro tab: upload an Intro Image and enter any introductory content into the Body area.

    Configure newsletter, intro tab
  4. Sections tab: the newsletter can be split into multiple sections that can be individually formatted.
    1. Section Title (optional). create section headings.
    2. Section Contents: add one or more sections of content.
      1. Articles: add the title of the article (published or unpublished) that you would like to appear in this section. Click Add another item to add more articles.
      2. Custom: add custom content including a URL link to any external  content.
    3. More Link: provide a link to read more articles.
    4. Display: choose how articles in this section will display.
      1. Teaser: a 1/5 display with an article summary and a small thumbnail image aligned to the right.
      2. Feature: a 50/50 display with a large thumbnail image aligned left and article summary to the right.

      3. Sections tab articles
        Sections tab, custom content
  5. Blocks tab: add content in columns at the bottom of the newsletter.

    Tip: The blocks display in two columns so it is best to add an even number of blocks.

  6. Ads/Promos tab: add up to two images. The images display below the article sections and above the blocks.
  7. Click Save.
    1. Publish: this option will publish the newsletter and its attached articles.
    2. Cancel and Unpublish Newsletter: this option will keep the newsletter and its attached articles in an unpublished/draft state. If you select this option you will need to manually check the Published box in the Publishing options section to publish the newsletter.


Getting HTML Code for Emailing Newsletter

The newsletter feature was created to help University of Colorado Boulder eComm professionals simply and efficiently create professional HTML emails simply to use in Marketing Cloud.  Learn more about eComm and visit their online training resources to learn how to send HTML paste emails.

After you have saved your newsletter (published or unpublished):

  1. Click Email Version in the content editing toolbar.
  2. Scroll past the email preview to the HTML code. Select and copy all the HTML code.

    Tip: Use keyboard shortcuts for "Select All" and "Copy" for accuracy and efficiency

  3. Paste the HTML code in the HTML paste field of the email marketing tool or save to a text document to use at a later time.