Slate Form Embed

Important: The Slate Form embed is being deprecated. This tutorial is no longer actuate. 
 To learn how to add a new Slate Form on your site please see the JavaScript Includes tutorial.

The Slate service helps institutions of higher education streamline their admissions process. Within Web Express, you can place lead generation forms on your site that are connected to your Slate account.

Note: you must enable the Digital Campaign bundle first to use this feature. You can request to enable the Slate bundle after.


Add Embed

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Content.
  2. Click the Embeds tab.

  3. Embeds tab on Content Admin Page
  4. Click the Add Embeds link.

  5. Click Add Embed
  6. Select Add Slate Form Bean Embed.

Configure Slate Form Bean Embed

  1. Enter the label of the embed block. The label only appears on the Embed Overview screen and helps you search for and filter results. 
  2. Enter the subdomain where your Slate form is hosted. For example, Continuing Education would use something like "" for "Slate Domain". 
  3. Add the form ID that you want to show up on the page.
  4. Leave the Status set to unpublished.

    Note: This type of embed needs to be publish in the Operations section on the Embed Overview page

  5. Click Save.

Slate Form Bean Embed


Publish the Slate Form Bean Embed

  1. On the Embed Overview page at "admin/content/embeds".
  2. Scroll to the Operations section of the page.

    Note: Operations allows you to perform bulk operations on any existing embeds. Depending on your user role, you'll only see the operations you have permission to perform. 

  3. Click on the embeds that you would like to perform an operation on.
  4. Select Publish embed codes from the operation drop-down. 
  5. Click Submit 
  6. Confirm the operation to publish the embed. 

Publish the Slate Form Bean Embed

Note: To select all embeds, check the checkbox at the top left of the table in the header row. Use the Search filters if you have a lot of embeds on the site to limit the list to the embeds you want. 


Placing the Slate Form Bean Embed

  1. Slate Form Bean Embeds work just like other blocks and can be placed in one of the various Regions on the site page. See the Placing Blocks tutorial to learn how to place your Slate Form Bean Embed. 

    Note: Ensure the Slate Form Bean Embed is in the "published" status so site visitors will see it. 


Edit a Slate Form Bean Embed

On the Embed Overview page, click edit next to an embed to navigate to the edit screen. 

Edit any field of the embed including the status field.