Accessible Files

General Guidelines for Accessible Documents

Each of these guidelines is crucial to create a document with a base level of accessibility:

  • Provide a descriptive title.
  • Use appropriate language for the audience.
  • Arrange a clear document structure.
  • Provide alternative text for visual content.
  • Write descriptive labels for links.
  • Apply color sparingly.

These core guidelines for accessibility should be applied to all documents, regardless of the authoring tool or software. However, individual applications of these guidelines to each document may vary based on the authoring tool used.

Dealing with Complex Documents or Content

Some content can present unique challenges during the process to achieve full accessibility. The OIT Accessibility Team is available to review documents. Contact for support.

Online Distribution of Full-Text Publications

Most publishers place severe restrictions on the posting of full-text articles on public websites. If you wish to provide full-text articles online or via email, we strongly recommend you consult with the University’s Scholarly Communication Librarian to verify that you have the rights to do so under your contract with the publisher. For more information, please refer to the ScholarlyCommons website.