Section Page

section page

A page built with Block Sections blocks that can include in-page navigation (specially designed anchor links) for each section. The main content region is expanded in size and the sidebars regions are disabled. This page is designed to be used for marketing, landing pages or promotional pages for specific targeted information. 

Note: you must request the Section Page  bundle to use this feature.


Add Section Page

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Add Content
  2. Select Section page from the list of options.

Page Title and Body

The Title field is the title of your page. By default the title also displays in the menu link title field under Menu settings

Use the WYSIWYG editor to add paragraph content to the page above the section navigation and sections.



Select the settings you wish to use. You may select multiple settings that apply to your content needs.

Hide Page Title & Breadcrumbs: Default if nothing is selected. Does not display section navigation.
Display Section Navigation: Section navigation is created from the titles of the Block Sections. Side navigation and page down arrows also display
Full Height Sections: Set the minimum height of each section to the height of the users browser window. Recommended for more defined sections, where each section fills the screen. This will override any vertical padding settings in the sections.

Add Sections

Create new block sections blocks or add existing block sections blocks.