Invite Site Editors

Update March 2022: After sites are migrated to the Cloud Hosting platform. To invite a new user to the site, you will need to use an individual's identikey email. The identikey email is the person's OIT has more information on how to find your identikey name.

Adding editors or maintainers to your site is very simple. You can invite anyone who has a CU Boulder Identikey to have access to your site. Invitations may also be customized with instructions or information specific to your site.

Note: Site Owners or Site Editors with the Access Manager Add-on role may invite additional site editors or maintainers. Learn more about Roles and Permissions.


Navigate to the User Invite Page

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Users
  2. Click on Invite New Users at the top of the page.

Core Role options


Complete the Form

  1. Choose the Core Role that you want your invited users to have.
    Core Role options
  2. In the Email addresses field, enter each user's university email address, separated by a comma. Email addresses
  3. Optional: You may enter a custom message that will be included before the standard invitation email. Enter the text in the Custom message field. 
  4. Click Send Invites.

    Send invites

Confirmation Email

Once you click Send Invites, you will receive a confirmation email of the invites you sent. Once a recipient has received their invite and logged into the site, you will receive another confirmation that they have access.

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