Roles & Permissions

Adding additional editors or maintainers to your site is very simple. Any CU Boulder employee, student or sponsored vendor with an IdentiKey can be granted access to the website administration area. 

Note: Site Owners or Site Editors with the Access Manager Add-on role may invite additional site editors or maintainers. 

There are four core roles available that range from minimal to full site access. Each site has four core roles that can be assigned to users and four add-on roles with additional permissions to help customize the site maintenance needs for each site.

  1. Edit My Content
  2. Content Editor
  3. Site Editor
  4. Site Owner

Edit My Content

Page specific access:

This role is designed for users who need to be assigned to specific pages. These users will receive regular service communications.

This role can:

Note: This role cannot edit blocks placed on Basic Pages and Person Pages of which they are the author or upload files (ie CV.pdf)

Add-on roles available:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Form Manager

Content Editor

Edit only access: this is a basic role for a content editor who helps edit and update existing content. This role is great for new employees, new Web Express users and student positions. This role has limited access and may only edit existing content. All edits made by this role are tracked in the site revisions log and can be easily reverted if needed. This role cannot add or delete content, blocks or layouts. These users will receive regular service communications.

This role can:

  • Edit existing content only. (pages, blocks and/ or forms they have editing permission on)

Add-on roles available:

  • None

Site Editor

Main site builder: this roles is for main site builders and maintainers. This role should be assigned to a trusted person to build and maintain your website. This role has full access to site content and layouts. Site Editors can receive upgraded manager permissions through add-on roles (assigned by a site owner).These users will receive regular service communications.

This role can:

  • Edit any page by any author
  • Create content
  • Create and place blocks
  • Administer menus

Add-on roles available:

  • Access Manager (limit 3)
  • Site configuration manager (limit 3)
  • Form Manager
  • Campaign Manager

Site Owner

Main authority/contact for the website: this role is limited to 3 people. A site owner has all site access permissions. Site owners are responsible for the site adhering to university policies on accessibility and brand. These users will receive critical information, policy updates and regular service communications.

This role can do everything the Site Editor can, plus:

  • Edit site name
  • Set site home page
  • Choose and configure site theme
  • Configure site people display
  • Configure Search Engine Optimization
  • Enable Bundles

Add-on roles available:

  • None needed.