Sticky Menu

Sticky menu

A sticky menu is the website's main navigation bar locked into place so it doesn't disappear when the visitor scrolls down the page. When a visitors scrolls down the main menu will remain in view at the top of the browser rather than moving out of view at the top of the screen. A sticky menu can help to make it easier for visitors to navigate through a site as they can quickly access the navigation menu rather than having to scroll back to the top of the page.

Note: you must enable the Advanced Design bundle to use this feature.


Navigate to Menus

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Structure.
  2. Select Menus from the list of options.

    Select Menus

  3. Click the Settings tab.

    Select Settings tab


Enable Sticky Menu

Enabling the sticky menu will stick the main menu to the top of the browser when the user scrolls down the page.

  1. Scroll down to Use sticky menu and select Yes.
  2. Click Save configuration.

Enable sticky menu