Faculty Publications Block

The Faculty Publications Block displays a list of faculty or department publications on your website. The Faculty Publications Block is integrated with CU Experts and pulls a feed of publications from the site. 

Note: you must enable the Faculty Publications bundle to use this feature. Email web support using the Help feature in Web Express to request this bundle.

Demo: Faculty Publications Block


Create Faculty Publications Block

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Blocks.
  2. Click on Add Block at the top of the page.
  3. Select Faculty Publications from the list of options.

Configure Faculty Publications Block

  1. Label: a name used to uniquely identify the block.
  2. Title (optional): a title that will display above the Faculty Publications block when placed on a page.

Filters Tab:

  1. Publication Date: enter a date range. Use the date format of month/day/year: 06/10/2020
  2. Department: type a University of Colorado Boulder department ID or name.
  3. Faculty Email Address: enter the email address of a faculty member who has publications on CU Experts
  4. Website People: Use these fields to pull faculty publication data for people in your Web Express site. Filter by name or job type.

Results Tab:

  1. Number of Results: select 25, 50, 100 or All. The block will display 25 results at a time and create pagination for results over 25.
  2. Sort: select Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest


  1. Click Save.

Place Faculty Publications Block

Faculty Publication Blocks work just like other blocks and can be placed in one of the various  Content/Layout Regions on the site page.

Related: See the How to Place Blocks tutorial on how to place your Faculty Publications Block.