An Issue page displays a custom collection of articles. You may add a section title to introduce your article collection and create multiple sections. You may also add a cover image for your issue and additional images as needed.

Note: you must enable the News and Articles bundle first, then enable the Publication bundle to use this feature.

Demo: Issue


Create an Issue

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Add Content
  2. Select Issue from the list of options.

Select Issue


Enter Title, Body, Image

  1. Title (required): this displays at the top of the page. 
  2. Body (optional): use this to place your text and images. You can use the WYSIWYG content editor and shortcodes in the body to style your content and images.
  3. Image (optional): upload an image to be placed in the Body area. This will display below the Issue Cover Image in the left column.

Enter Title, Body, Image


Configure Sections

In the Section area add articles to one section or to multiple sections. Sections can be set to one of four display options.

  1. Section Title: enter the title of the section. You may add multiple Sections by clicking on Add another item under the section.
  2. Articles: select the articles related to that section. Each additional article may be added by clicking on Add another item under the most recent article added.
  3. Display: select the display for that section.
    1. Teaser: thumbnail, title/link, category and summary.
    2. Feature: large wide image, title/link, category and summary.
    3. Title and thumbnail: thumbnail, title/link.
    4. Title: title/link.

Configure the Issue


Add an Issue Cover

Select an image to use for the issue cover. This image will also be displayed in the current issue block and latest issue block.

  1. Under Issue Cover Image, click Choose File 
  2. Select an image and click Upload.

Add an Issue Cover


Save Issue

When you are done, click Save.
Use Save and add another to save time during repetitive content creation. This will save your issue and open a new Issue content type.