Create an Alert Message Box

    Alert message box

    Alert messages can be used to notify the visitor about something special: closures, operational changes or general warning information. When you have a situation that pertains to your department or unit only then you may want to add this information to your site. You may just add a banner on the homepage or create a site wide banner. We will step you through a basic process to create an alert message on your site.

    Note: The University has an alert system that posts a banner on all sites concerning campus closure and emergency information, so you will never need to create this type of an alert on your site.


    Add Message Box on Site Homepage

    1. Go to the Homepage of your site 
    2. Click Edit Layout in the editing toolbar below the page title.

    We do not prescribe just one method of adding a message box but here are some guidelines.

        Region: Use the Intro Wide Region, this region offers high visibility to get the visitors attention. Other regions would be the slider region and above content region.
        Blocks: For the Intro Wide region, a Block Section block works best with a text block of content. Select a color background with appropriate contrast. Text blocks are also very versatile and work well in the slider region.


    Add Message Box Site wide

    Placing the message box with context allows you to place the box side wide, in a particular navigation section of the site and enable or disable the message box context as needed.

    Note: you must enable the Advanced Layout bundle to use this feature.

    1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Structure.
    2. Select Context from the list of options.
    3. Click + Add to create a new context.
    4. Follow the Context Tutorial to customize the context for your content and site needs.