Anchor/Jump Links

anchor links

Create anchors/jump links that link to headings further down the page. The anchor links shortcode automatically create jump links to everything with the same header style.

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Demo: Anchor/Jump Links


Give All Headings the Same Heading Style

We highly recommend using the H2 header style for first-level headings.

  1. Highlight the heading text.
  2. Choose Heading 2 from the Paragraph Format drop-down.

Enter the Shortcode

  1. Place your cursor on the page where you would like the links to appear.
  2. Type the anchor/jump links shortcode: [anchors/]
  3. Click Save.

anchor shortcode


To Use a Different Heading Style

Header 2 is the default style for anchor links, however, you can use a different header style such as Header 3 or Header 4. In this case, you'll need to specify what header style you are using.

  1. Set your headings to the same header style (such as Header 3).
  2. Place your cursor on the page where you would like the links to appear.
  3. Type the anchor/jump links shortcode: [anchors selector="#content h3" /]
  4. Optional title: to add a title to the top of the anchor/jump links, include title info as here:  [anchors selector="#content h3" title="On this page:" /]
    1. In this example, "On this page:" is the title. You may enter whatever title you'd like here.

Jump Link Selectors


Link to Other Pages or Blocks

An anchor link may also be created to link to content on another page or a block on the page