Column Override

Columns are basic website design elements. They allow you to display your content in chunks that are visually appealing. Web Express has default column settings but each design theme has an option to set the number of columns in the following regions: After Content, After Content 2 and Footer. Each of these regions may be configured for two to six columns. Using context, you have the option to override the site theme column settings on specific pages or sections of your website. You may override the column settings in these regions by page, a content type or even on a layout setting.

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Note: you must enable the Advanced Layout bundle to use this feature.


Create a New Context

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Context.
  2. Click + Add to create a new context.
  3. Name: the name must be all lowercase and contain no spaces.
  4. From the Conditions drop-down, select your condition. Common conditions are:
    1. Layout: override the column settings for content configured with a default or feature layout.
    2. Node type: override the column settings for a particular content type, such as articles.
    3. Path: override the column settings on a particular page. You need to know the node number for the page you want to configure when using this condition.

Enter condition


Create the Column Override Context

  1. Select Column Override from the Reactions section.
  2. Modify the region/s to the preferred columns.
  3. Click Save.

Enter reaction

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