Feedback Form

Create a button on your website that is linked to a webform. The button appears in the bottom right corner of your site – you may configure the button to either embed the form on the page, or take the visitor to the form. You must  create a webform first to use this feature. 

Note: you must enable the Forms bundle to use this feature.


Create a Feedback Form Button

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Settings.
  2. Select Feedback Form from the list of options.

Select Feedback Form


Select a Webform

The Feedback Form needs to link to a form you have already created. Use the  Available Webforms drop-down to select from the list of published webforms.


Feedback Button Label

Add a Form Button Label such as "Contact Us", "Give Us Feedback" or "Request Information."

Add Form Button Label


Feedback Button Color

You may choose a Feedback Button Color of blue or gold.

Choose Feedback Button Color


Feedback Button Presentation

When a visitor clicks on the feedback button, the link will either embed the form on the page, or redirect the visitor to the form on a separate page.

Choose whether or not to have a Feedback Button Embed:

  • No: redirects the visitor to the form.
  • Yes: embeds the form on the page.

Choose Feedback Button Embed


Remove the Feedback Form Button

To remove the feedback form button, select No button from the Published WebForms drop-down.

Choose No button


Save the Feedback Form Button

Click Save to save the Feedback Form Button.