Forms Bundle Overview

The webform feature allows you to easily create contact forms, requests for appointments, questionnaires and surveys. You can create feedback or contact us forms and download your submissions as a spreadsheet.The Forms bundles contains a new add-on role to help manage the form content on your site.

The main features of this bundle are:

  1. Form Manager add-on role.
  2. Webform Pages.
  3. Webform Blocks.
  4. Adding a Feedback Button to your site.


We are all responsible in the kinds of information gathered. You cannot use webforms to ask for any protected personally identifying information (see the FERPA directory data policy for acceptable information) or monetary transaction information (including credit card, debit card, or checking account information). If you need to collect sensitive information please see OIT business services.

Type: Core Bundle

Note: you must enable the Forms bundle to use these features.

Training options

For hands-on training, you can sign up for one of our Advanced Content and Forms sessions.