Review Form Submissions

The Forms bundle provides the ability to analyze the results of your webform submissions in a variety of different ways.

  • A list of all submissions for a given webform.
  • An analytical break down of the aggregated results for each field in a given webform.
  • A table view which shows all of the responses for all of the fields of a given webform.

There also exists the ability to download the results in a comma-separated value (CSV) file format for use in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.

Note: you must enable the Forms bundle to use this feature.

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View Webform Submissions

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Content.
  2. Click the Webform tab.
  3. In the View column, click Submissions next to the form in which you would like to see results. 

Select submissions

Included in the  results are the following:

  • The sequential number of each response, with the most recent listed first.
  • The date and time submitted.
  • The user who submitted it.
  • An IP Address listing.
  • Operations to ViewEdit, and Delete the individual submissions.

Note: Only those with the Site Owner role can view webform submissions. 


  Webform Results Analysis Tab

This page shows analysis of submitted data, such as the number of submissions per component value, calculations and averages. Additional components may be added under the Add Analysis Components fieldset.

Included in the Analysis results are the following:

  • Number of times a field is left blank.
  • Number of times a field is answered.
  • The average submission length of words for text fields.

Analysis tab


Webform Results Table Tab

This page shows a table of submitted data, such as the date submitted, user, IP address and component values.

Note: The quantity of columns that is displayed in this table varies depending on how many different components have been added to your webform. It can grow very big and become quite unreadable.

Table tab


Webform Results Download Tab

This page offers you several options to choose from to download your submission data.

  1. Export format: choose Microsoft Excel or Delimited text.
  2. Column header format: choose whether or not to show the label or field key in each column header.
  3. Select List Options: select the keys and two styles of view results
  4. Included Component Options: the selected components will be included in the export.
  5. Download Range Options: choose all submissions, from a date range or since you last downloaded.

Download tab

Related: Form managers and authors may also assign additional permissions to their forms and delegate submission viewing to other site editors.