Content List Page

Content List Page

The Content List Page provides the ability to create custom pages using content from existing content types, such as articles, pages and people. A Content List Page is a container page that will put a list of teasers of other content (articles, collection items, pages, people, photo gallery) that you designate onto the page. The content for a Content List Page must already be created.

Note: you must enable the Advanced Content bundle to use this feature.

Demo: Content List Page


Create a Content List Page

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Add Content
  2. Select Content List Page from the list of options.

Add Content List Page


Add Content List Content

  1. Title: is for the main title of the page. By default the title also shows up in the menu link title under Menu settings. See the Add Basic Page tutorial for Menu settings details.
  2. Body (optional): is the content area of the page and will appear above the content lists. 
  3. Content: fill in the content field by entering the page title for a person, basic page, collection item, photo gallery or article that you wish to compile on the page.
  4. Add another item: add more content if desired.
  5. Sort: choose a sort option.
    1. Custom: displays in the order placed in the content fields (grab crosshairs next to an item to drag it into custom position).
    2. Date Created: displays in the order of date created.
    3. Date Created Reverse: displays in the reverse order of date created.
    4. Alphabetical: Displays alphabetically according to page title.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Use Save and add another to save time during repetitive content creation. This will save your content list page and open a new Content List Page. 

Add Content to Content List Page


Edit Content List Page Fields

  1. To remove content from the Content List Page, simply click in the field and delete the title.
  2. Click Save.