Set Homepage

There may be a situation where you would like the home page to be another node type such as a person page instead of a basic page. You have the option to change the default homepage of your site. You will need to create the page you wish to be the site homepage first, then you may change the default homepage to the new homepage you created for your site. The page title will be hidden when you set your page as the homepage.

Note: you must enable the Advanced Content bundle to use this setting.


Set Homepage

  1. Go to the Express toolbar and select Settings.
  2. In the Advanced Content section select Set Homepage.

In Settings select Set homepage


Change Default Node for Homepage

Enter the node number of the page you created to be the homepage for your site.

Enter the new homepage node number

Note: Site owners and site editors with the configuration manager add-on role may set the site homepage. Learn more about add-on roles permissions.