Video Reveal Block

Video Reveal block

The Video Reveal block allows you to choose the image that displays for your video and any text you may want to have on top of that image. When the user clicks the play icon on the block, the video will appear and begin playing. 

Note: you must enable the Advanced Content bundle to use this block.

Demo: Video Reveal Block


Create a Video Reveal Block

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Blocks.
  2. Click on Add Block at the top of the page.
  3. Select Video Reveal from the list of options.

Add Video Reveal block


Add Video

In the Video tab, add the URL of a video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) to the Video URL field.

Add Video URL


Add an Image

In the Image tab, add an image to the image field. A darkened overlay will automatically be added to help with the readability of the text.

Related: See the Add Images tutorial to learn how to upload images.

Add image


Add Text

In the Text tab, enter the text that will appear on top of the image.

Note: While you still have many formatting options, these should be used to a minimum. Links and headings styles should not be used. Keep the text short. 

Add text


Save the Block

Once you've saved the Video Reveal block, you can place it on your site. Video reveal blocks are best placed in large regions, such as Intro Wide, Slider, Post Wide or the main content region.

Related: See the Layout Regions tutorial to learn more about content regions.

Finished Video Revea blockl