Article List Page

The Article List Page pulls together all articles with the same categories and/or tags and aggregates them on a page. Before you can make an Article List Page, you’ll need to create articles and add categories and/or tags for each.

Note: you must enable the News and Articles bundle to use this feature.

Demo: Article List Page

For each article, the system displays:

  • An image thumbnail.
  • An article title linking to the full article page.
  • An article summary. 

    Note: If you don't add a summary for each article, the Article List Page will display the article's first 100 words. Generally, that's too long for an attractive display. It's much better to provide a shorter blurb. Edit each article individually and click Edit Summary. Enter a short, pithy summary of the article.


Find an Article List Page

An Article List Page is created for each category and/or tag you added when creating an article. Find the Article List Page for a corresponding category or tag and place it in the menu system.

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Find Content
  2. In the Type drop-down, select Article List Page.
  3. Click Apply. This presents a list of all the Article List Pages, each named with a category or tag. 
  4. Click the Edit link of the page you want. There, you can change the page title, add some introductory text describing what the articles on the page are about and add the page to the navigation.


Create an Article List Page

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Add Content
  2. Select Article List Page from the list of options.
  3. Title:Give the page a Title, type in some introductory text if desired and add the page to the navigation if desired. 

Enter Title and Body text

  1. Title (required): is for the main title of the page.
  2. Body (optional): add a description at the top of the page, above the list of articles.

Select and/or Exclude Filters

Choose which articles will appear and/or which articles to exclude by selecting from the available categories and tags.

To include articles: 

  1. Expand the Filters section.
  2. Select the categories and tags to filter by.

To exclude articles:

  1. Expand the Exclude section. 
  2. Select the categories and tags to exclude from the page.


Exposed Filters

Exposed filters allow the Article List Page to be filtered by the visitor. You may choose to allow filtering by category and/or tag and whether to include child terms or not.

  1. Expand the Expose Filters section. 
  2. Choose Show or Hide from the Show Category Filter.
  3. Choose Show or Hide from the Show Tags Filter.
  4. Select whether or not to include Child Terms. All child terms will be shown in the filter menu if no terms are selected in a vocabulary.


Place Page in Menu

Optionally add the Article List Page to your menu structure. Choose the parent page from drop down list and save.

  1. Scroll down to the Menu settings section.
  2. The Menu link title is what displays in the navigation. Adjust if necessary. 
  3. The Parent item places the page in the menu structure of your site. Click the Parent item drop-down and select the parent of your page.

Save Article List Page

  1. When finished, click Save.
  2. Use Save and add another to save time during repetitive content creation. This will save your article list page and open a new Article List Page.