Article Slider Block

Article Slider block

Display articles and their thumbnails in a slider. 

Note: you must enable the News and Articles bundle to use this feature.

Demo: Article Slider Block


Create Articles

Before you can make an Article Slider block, you’ll need to create articles and include a thumbnail image for each.


Create Article Slider Block

  1. Go to the Shortcuts toolbar and select Blocks
  2. Click on Add Block at the top of the page.
  3. Select Article Slider block from the list of options.

Select Article Slider


Enter Label and Title

  1. Label: a name used to uniquely identify the block. 
  2. Title (optional): this displays above the Article Slider block when placed on a page. 

Enter label and title


Select Filters

Choose which articles will appear by selecting from the available categories and tags.

  1. Expand the Filters section.
  2. Select the categories and tags to filter by.

Select filters


Save Article Slider Block

  1. Click Save to save the Article Slider block.

Place Article Slider Block

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