Google Calendar Embed Shortcode

Embed a Google Calendar into any WYSIWYG field with a simple shortcode.

Demo: Google Calendar Embed Shortcode

Tip: You will find a list of shortcodes by clicking "More information about text formats" at the bottom right under the WYSIWYG editor.


Copy URL of Google Calendar

  1. In Calendar Setting, look for the Integrate calendar section. Copy the Public URL to this calendar. Use this URL with the google calendar shortcode..
  2. Select only the calendar URL which will look something like this:

Note: These instructions are subject to change and are dependent on Google Calendar's sharing feature. Please see Google Calendar Help and tutorial pages for more assistance with this step if needed.


Insert the Google Calendar Shortcode

  1. Place your cursor in the Body content area, and type:
    1. The opening tag is the word "googlecalendar" encased in square brackets. 
    2. The closing tag is the same, with the addition of a slash directly after the first square bracket.
    3. Place your cursor between the opening and closing shortcode tags. Paste the URL there. Do not allow any spaces or line breaks between the shortcode and the URL or the code will break.

[googlecalendar]Your Google Calendar Embed URL Here[/googlecalendar]

Google Calendar Embed shortcode