Column List Shortcode

Column list shortcake

A very useful shortcode is the column list. The column list will allow you to to display a list of items in columns without using table.

When you set the number of columns you want to display, your rows will "automatically" be grouped in columns. This is very useful if you have a long list of items creating more concise content and avoiding a long scroll for your visitor. 

Demo: Column List Shortcode

Tip: You will find a list of shortcodes by clicking "More information about text formats" at the bottom right under the WYSIWYG editor.


Create an Unordered List

Prepare the content that will be displayed in the column list by selecting the content and using the unordered list button on the editor. 

List Items, select unordered list


Insert the Column List Shortcode

The column list shortcode consists of an opening tag and a closing tag. The opening tag sets the number of columns. You may have 2-4 columns.

Sample column list shortcode with three columns:

[columnlist columns="3"]

  • list item
  • list item
  • list item


Insert number of columns


Using the Column List Shortcode within Other Shortcodes

You may embed the column list shortcode within the  box shortcode or expandable content shortcode for more advanced content display.