Image Caption Shortcode

Image caption

Image captions are a great place to add a bit more style to your website or to give some unique insight into the subject of the image. In Web Express use the Image Caption Shortcode to add captions to images.

Demo: Image Caption Shortcode

Tip: You will find a list of shortcodes by clicking "More information about text formats" at the bottom right under the WYSIWYG editor.


Select an Image

Click the image on your page that you would like to add an image caption to.

Select the image

Note: Do not use the align tool in the WYSIWYG editor. Set the image alignment in Step 3.


Insert Image Caption Shortcode

Click the Image Caption Shortcode Generator (icon of image with lines under it).

Image Caption Shortcode Generator button


Configure Caption

  1. Type a caption for the image in the Image Caption field.
  2. Choose an Align/Float option for the image. Right or left.
  3. Click OK.

Image caption settings

Note: The image caption will not display with the alignment you've selected while editing the page. Click View or Save the content to see the page display as set.


Caption Formatting

You can use the  WYSIWYG editor tools to further format the caption, such as adding a link, or styling the text.

Image Caption Shortcode