Count Up Shortcode

The Count Up shortcode offers a dynamic display of numbers that count up from zero when a visitor initially views the page. This shortcode is a good way to promote stats or data in an engaging way.

While this functionality is a fun way to show numerical content, it’s best to use it sparingly. Too many blocks of numbers counting up can be distracting and overwhelming for users. The Count Up shortcode supports counting up with integers (12345), floats (0.1234), formatted numbers (1,234,567.00), and time (21:45:00).

Demo: Count Up Shortcode

Tip: You will find a list of shortcodes by clicking "More information about text formats" at the bottom right under the WYSIWYG editor.


Insert Count Up Shortcode

  1. Place your cursor in the Body content area where you want the button to appear.
  2. Place your number between the beginning and ending countup tags.
    • [countup]789[/countup]